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Andy Robinson’s Sidewinder

Ok so having had the GP for a number of years, I fancied a bit of a change, something a bit more street fun. I could have just rebuilt the GP but decided that it would make more sense to sell it and buy a nice buggy already done (or close to it). So found this sidewinder advertised as a classified ad on ebay around March 2011. Headed over to Malden in Essex. Checked it out and seemed all Ok and was a good price. Meanwhile did a bit of research online and tracked its history a bit more…

Built in 2007 by Lee (Big Buggy Lee?? from the old site) with the help from Darren Hills. Shortly after building it Lee sold to some folks in Bournemouth or then sold it on to the guy I bought off. Had a few changes etc during those times, including various engines.

But nice as though it looked, I wanted to adjust a few things. Move the petrol tank, sort out the wiring on the dash board as there were a few issues. In fact there a were a few minor issues on a few things, so thought I would address them over the winter. Well drove down to the SDBC picnic that June, had a great trip there. But on the Sunday it rained and rained and rained. Being stuck practically in Brighton with no roof or wipers was not ideal. Set off home, shortly having left I soon realised that not only could I see little through the screen but the brakes failed. I had No brakes Рin fact all I could do to slow down was change down through the gears and use the handbrake  Рso not great. It was a long tough journey home. Fortunately I had some friends in the car in front and we just stuck to the motorways at 50mph with them leaving a nice gap for me.

Well am afraid that was the last time I drove her (she was named Priscillia – by a housemate as she is purple and sparkly – well blue really but in the light…). After the brakes were shot I decided it was time to do the rebuild. But I had to wait a year longer than planned for the funds to come through for the various parts and budget for the external work to be done. Finally, in the next week or so, it will be all completed and back on the road. OK so I missed last year, but with the weather we had, I don’t think I missed a huge amount! (though may be I should have kept and rebuilt the GP after all!)