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Brian White’s Buggy

After suffering an horrific accident in 2007 Brian White decided to take up the challenge of building a beach buggy, however Brian is blind!!! Here is his story and a bit about his amazing achievement so far.

My interest in old cars and new ones goes back ever since I was in the forces but through someone else not sleeping the night before going to work, and then the next morning he fell asleep at the wheel, crossed over the road and used my van as a brake, killing himself and my business on 6 July 2007, I was then in hospital for 6 months, left brain damaged, blind  and loosing the last 30 years I didn’t  remember getting married 40 years ago or my two children, But I can still remember cars which is great but annoys my wife.

I am trying to rebuild my life and with loads of time on my hands decided to do something with cars. It all started about a year ago when my daughter got in touch and said about the trouble she was having with her beetle so like any good dad I said let me have it and I will repair it anyway to cut a long story short I decided to strip it down and make a buggy  which is one thing I always wanted to do so I grabbed the chance.

The body was bought from East Coast Buggies and the work began finding all the other bits when Mark from Flatlands Engineering came to the rescue with advice, parts and help as you can see by what has been done so far, I would like also to mention Justin from Retrodubs in Truro because his help and advice has been invaluable. I have renewed the following parts, master cylinder, brake pipes, front discs, rear drums, all brake internals, steering wheel, fuel tank, and I have replaced the 1200cc engine with a new one from Remtec which is a 1600 twin port twin carb, the exhaust is a bobcat, all the wheels and tyres will be renewed later as I progress.

I have now fitted the tank in the back with the battery under it as shown in the pictures I think the most difficult bit is yet to come and that is for my wife Margaret to understand wiring and learn to read the manual mind you she has done well so far for a beginner.

So far I have managed to get about halfway in about nine months but my daughter wants it for her 40th birthday and that still gives me 3 years. You may think that being blind hinders a lot but if you think about it most vehicle jobs are done with hands and not eyes.

I am sure you will all agree building a buggy can be a challenge in itself, but doing it the way Brian has, its truly amazing. We will look forward to hearing more from Brian and the build of this great buggy.

Text by Sam Lomax