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Buggy Links

Here’s a few other buggy websites you might be interested in.

Our Facebook page:

A great NEW forum where you can keep upto date will all the buggy goings on around the UK – get to know about meets, sell your parts or buy a buggy. Or just ask any question you want (as long as it doesn’t open a can of worms…)

A site hosted by our very own Peter Gibb, contains a wealth of images of all the UK buggies you can think of, lots of technical ideas and basically everything buggy!

A very nice site just created by our good friend Hazel over at the Midland Buggy Club.


The US based site – always interesting to see what happening on the buggy scene across the pond.

For buggy parts and complete turn key solutions of the highest quality, you can’t go wrong.

Yes you can still buy brand new shells of Sidewinders, Manx and the like, Rob will see you right.

And here’s a few more:
Meyers Manx – Official site of Bruce Meyers the creator of the timeless Manx dune buggy.
Dunebuggy – A website showing the build in stages of various projects. Can be quite useful while you’re putting your buggy together.

Brazilian buggy club – A site in Portuguese dedicated to street buggies, eye candy for the nu-skool types out there.

VW Heritage are a great place to get all your air-cooled vw parts for the buggies

VW DIY – A company selling VW do it yourself DVDs – An enthusiast website about his buggy, imported from Sweden.
Includes build photos.

Club del Buggy – A club in Argentina with a great logo (ours was first! 😉 )

Robs’ Buggy Build Blog – A web log (or ‘blog) for the build of a new custom beach buggy.
The car is being built by Rob Moran and the site should serve as a good resource for new builders.

Buggy Boys – A buggy website in belgium

South West Buggy Club – A newish club for anyone who wishes to join, owning a buggy, baja or sandrail, preferably living in the South-West area of the United Kingdom. View their website for more details.

Sophie’s Bounty Hunter Buggy Website – Info and photos on how the first Bounty Hunter was built in the UK in 2002/3. These bodies are available from Manx Buggies in the United Kingdom.

The Air Cooled Network – VW community with event listings and reports, classified ads, forums,
extensive links database and rust free imports from South Africa.

Manx Dune Buggy Club Australia – Club website.

US Manx Club – Club Website.

Texas Manx Club – A great club site with lots of info, builds, and pictures from our cousins across the pond.