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Chris Barker’s GT

This tale starts at the 2012 mot when the mot inspector said that the chassis is getting a bit ropey. So ebay here I come, found a good chassis made a deal, after going to see it the man then falls off his bike and breaks his arm and shoulder, after months of waiting he lets me down.

Then a big meeting at work and told I’m being made redundant, what a pain but some cash coming my way. A look on heritage web site and they have a genuine vw chassis but their delivery price is a bit high, try to hire a van to collect but it seems that no one wants to hire me a van without photo id I only have a old style licence and no passport, then a catalogue comes through the door from heritage stating free delivery on phone or internet orders so after a call the chassis is being delivered.  When it arrived, really happy with it but needed the grinder taking to it to remove the assortment of brackets, some of the welds were visible, some not so I ended up with 1 or 2 extra holes, out with the mig and fill them up now the fun begins. Started stripping buggy as need spring plates so engine and box out, spring plates removed, gearbox cradle, also fitted up another box (from Sam) the rear end is now fitted up into a rolling (wheel barrow fashion) with brake lines plumbed in as well as new shoes and wheel cylinders about a week’s tinkering so far but happy to be getting on.

Managed to remove the front beam as a whole so was not long before I had a rolling chassis got the rest of the plumbing sorted and bleed the brakes much easier at this stage as not fighting around the body work.
Well after sorting a few little problems like not having the right length gear selector shaft 1 to short 1 to long its moving along fast again, we managed to get the body back on the chassis with lots of grunting and groaning between the two of us (Luke and myself) with the help of lots of laughter and fags walked away really pleased with what we had achieved.  Once back at home checked email and the engine will be ready at the end of the week so won’t be long till running again, body completely bolted down now, interior back in with 1 or 2 minor alterations radio works so pleased with that, now the only thing I need is the exhaust from Mike but I did not order it soon enough so got to wait the self control is weakening so want to fire it up but know that I should not without exhaust on. Seats may need lowering in the tub but not sure yet generally very pleased with what has happened to it. So far other things that it may need is oil pressure gauge along with oil temp gauge hope to have it on the road soon, by the time this is read it will be run in and going like a rocket I hope. One little amusing problem I have had, went to start it for the first no start and the car was blowing bubbles, after investigation some fool had connected the fuel pump the wrong way round a reconnection and burst into life.

The buggy is now run in and speeding along but I find I must remember to ease off the throttle as the speedo wants to go right round and hit the zero pin.  Really pleased with the results so far, there will always be small things to do on it but very happy for now.