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Flying over to Stansted

Sam Lomax tells us about the annual buggy trip to this popular Essex VW show

Elemental 2012


Another show favourite, early in the season.

After the past few weeks of glorious sunshine and the weather we had at Volksworld this year, the weather reports for Elemental at Stansted were not so good. Heavy rain the week before and the reports showing rain on the day that would of put the most hardy of buggy drivers off, but as the week progressed the reports got better and Friday afternoon signalled a mass ring round to see who was going and meeting times etc.

stan1At 8am I got my buggy out and gave her a quick polish, before the others arrived, Matt (Hoffer) and Clem arrived first with their buggies, shortly followed by Aaron and Amy, Mark and Vanessa, We also had Gary in his new T4 and Cliff in a beetle as well as Paul in the MK1 caddy, so a great selection of cars. Candy did a great job of supplying everyone with teas and sausage or bacon sarnies before we left. Once everyone had been fed we set off for the show some 7 miles away, it looked fantastic in my rear view mirror seeing this great VW convoy. When we arrived at the show all the buggies were ushered into the showground into a pre designated spot right in the middle of the showground, fantastic.

Mark Watson in his Volksrod joined the fun, followed in by Hunter and Carole in the CTR and then Chris and Emma, lending support. Dave in his Great looking  Kombat  joined us from Kent too.

Then came along another very smart red Sidewinder (sorry I didn’t get the owners name) making the total line up of 9 buggies, not bad considering the weeks weather reports! Throughout the day there were lots of admirers talking to all the different owners about their buggies and taking of pictures. Hunter and Gary did an interview for the Show DVD, so look out for their appearance soon………!

satn4There was lots of interest in Dave’s buggy as he found someone who did an amazing caricature drawing on his dashboard, this was followed by Aaron asking the guy to apply the same magic to his buggy and the both looked great.

The temperature started to drop about 3.30 and serveral of the buggies left, with the rest of us leaving about 4.30. overall an amazing day and some great buggies,

Thanks to all who came and supported.

Sam Lomax