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Elemental 2013

Who's going the Elemental, came the cry?

Elemental 2013

Well I might if my buggy’s sorted said Andrew R, I wanna if I can sort out this f**£ing turbo said “Chris (Bullshead) Allen”, and several others popped up with an interest in turning up as it was going to be in the middle of the Essex country side, it was early in the year and we were all suffering from winter not used buggy syndrome. After several weeks of panic from Chris as his new buggy was having slow first aid applied (1 step forward 2 steps back) and the deadline was looming, Andrew was having his own issues as his buggy was being rebuilt over the previous year including having a brand new engine put together by Heritage to a certain spec. Things were sounding good a few days before, the rain had stopped and arrangements were made for meet ups and times for starting out. Chris Barker, Matt (Pirate), MickyB and myself were heading over to Essex and meeting up with Gary (Big GP), then head over to the show ground as it was only a few miles from his place and there was free bacon/sausage sandwiches at Gary’s as well. Fed and watered we headed off to the showground and were there in a few minutes being directed to the far end of the site over loads of straw!!!!! Eh!!!!. We soon found out why, a very soggy ground under the straw saw a couple of vans bogged down and abandoned waiting to be rescued from the mire.


We were parked up at the far end of the site along side Sam and a few other buggy’s were there already so we joined on the line. A little while later Mark4buggy arrived along with Chris Allen and Roadrunner and a tale to tell. Andrew R, had arrived at the pub (The Bulls Head) but one of his front tyres had gone down, he was then taken to a tyre centre and told that he needed a new tyre, so, a replacement was fitted and he re-joined the happy group. Once on the motorway guess who then ran out of petrol !!!!!, the rest of the group continued and left Andrew to the rescue services to get him going again, Andrew turned up about 45mins later to lots of ribbing. Chris’s Buggy was looking great in its new updated livery with its new grafix and the turbo behaving itself enough to be driven at least. It was really nice to be out in the buggy’s as it felt like the gods hated us and were against us driving our buggys and smiling like demented loons I for one was getting withdrawal symptoms and becoming a bit stir crazy.  A nice few hours were had sharing some quality buggy time, driving buggys and talking in person for a change, being able to see in the real, what people have done and how the buggys look close up and not just piccys on the computer.


We left mid afternoon with a bit of a moan because of the mess the cars got into due to the straw, but a bonus was the fun we had once we got onto the normal roads, making allowances for extra braking distances, there was so much sideways action, you just couldn’t help it (honest officer), it wasn’t my fault…….

Chris Allen won an award for his buggy and the club prize went to the SDBC, so thank you guys for turning up.