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Buggies as the Grooms cars

When a couple approach some of the guys at a meet asking if they could use the beach buggies for their wedding cars - What a great idea!

“Get me to the Church on time”

The Scene; the small yacht club that the organisers of PRTP use, sat at the bar with Carole and one of the volunteers (Jason) from paddle pops up behind the bar and says “ can I get you a drink”? yeh sure thanks, then he says “this is my fiancé” and intro’s us to a very nice young lady (wayyyyy out of his league) also sat at the bar. I was hoping too catch up with you “says Jay” I’ve got a bit of a favour to ask and wandered if you could help?   Eh… We’re getting married next year and I was wandering if you and a few of your buggy mates could ferry me and my best man and a couple of ushers to the ceremony?

Erm yeh.

I’m sure we can sort something out, when and where is it, I ask?  We’re gonna be getting married in June and in the local area, we need to get from Hove to the other side of Brighton midday-ish. Ok I give Jay my contact details and tell him to give me a reminder after Xmas and we’ll sort things out. Jason got in touch and we we’re gonna sort details out at the PRTP promo get together in Feb/Mar. but yet again due to the wonderful British climate, yep you guessed, it chucked it down on the day we were supposed to go to Brighton (poxy weather) so all the arrangements had to be done by e-mail and text.

Chris barker, Matt (Pirate), Tony (Twister) and myself would be available to head off to Brighton and do the shuttle. Well guess what? The weather forecast wasn’t good, Sat 30th June was the date, here we we’re a couple of days before keeping an eye or two on the sky. The forecast wasn’t promising and although a couple of us had hoods it wasn’t going to be pleasant if the rain came down. Early Sat morn 7am-ish I was out walking the dog in the doom and dampness texting Chris and finding out how the weather was in his area, even more damp and doomed came the reply, oh crap this could mean making the call to Jay telling him the bad news and he’d have to go to the backup plan. We didn’t have to leave till 9.30 so we said we would see what its like then as we were gonna meet up on route we would make a decision then. Well we kept an eye upwards and to the southwest as that’s where the weather was coming from. At 09.23 ½  I saw a bit of bloo in the sky but didn’t know what it was. I had to call Chris and Tony to check out what the strange thing in the sky was, it was bright (couldn’t look at it as it hurt my eyes and couldn’t understand this warm feeling that was around in the air) very confusing, We decided to go for it. We we’re gonna meet up on the A24 and head down to Brighton in a little convoy, Matt had gotten up and had a look out but decided that as he’d had a problem with his charging system a day or two before he’d give it a miss as it was seriously damp and the buggy was untested. So just Tony, Chris and I met up at the garage and headed down to Brighton. A fun drive along several “A” roads and a few bits of dual carriageway happily following the twatnav in Chris’s buggy, saw us only take one wrong turn, right at the end of the road that we needed, we had made so much noise that by the time we had driven 15yds past the turning and were doing a “U turn”, Jason’s dad Robert had come out and was already watching us turn and showed us where to park.

Wedding Day-55Although a bit breezy we had had a very nice run down and were dry, sat in his back garden drinking coffee and watching the tortoises, Chris and Tony having a fag and me munching biscuit’s. Jason was really pleased that we had made it as I had said to him “ it’s a bit extreme having to get married just to have a ride in a buggy, I would have done that just for beers, It’s a lot cheaper). Off he disappeared to get ready as the site of him strolling around in his underwear with “Groom” in spangles down the edge was a bit of under dressing

and I don’t think the bride would be best pleased at the church. Any way with 30mins to go till we needed to be at the church we got the buggys ready and the guys came out to have some photo’s taken. We gave Jason the choice of which buggy he would like to travel in. We ended up with Dad in mine leading the way as he knew where we needed to be and how to get there, Jason in Tony’s cos it had a surf board on it and he’s a bit of a surfer dude and the best man in with Chris cos that’s what was left. Some piccys were taken by mum, we obliged by getting the cars parked across the road blocking it off so that they could pose for piccys. Getting tight for time and the notorious traffic of Brighton, Dad decided to direct us via the quick route along the A27 only 10 mins and then off that and almost immediately into a local large estate that gave us a chance to do a lap of the entire area as this was where the family had some history. We had loads of waves along the way and ended up at the church on time, with a nice area to drive into and park in, this gave Jay a chance to get out, meet and greet the guests and get more nervous than he already was. Loads of smiles and huge thanks from Jay and family we waited in the background till they were asked to take their seats in the church. We waved goodbye and departed for the seafront leaving Jay to enjoy the rest of his day.P1000025

A little cruise started with us trying to find our way to a favourite haunt along the seafront where we know we can park for free, with no need to queue and an all day breakfast was under a fiver. Our journey was again fun through the outskirt streets of Brighton with the inevitable traffic that happens, we were happy to wave at the natives and pose for the phones as we crept along, the occasional traffic light granprix generating loads of noise and attracting the attention of those on push bikes that seems to warn them of impending doom should they venture into our path. The usual mess at the end of Madeira drive, Pier, seafront, took us left and along the top road to our destination and lunch. After a tummy fuel stop and making full use of the facilities Chris and I were gonna head off to Heritage as it was just a slight detour but on our route home, Tony was gonna head straight home, so we said our farewells fired up the buggys and headed back along the front to the loony’s that seem to leap across the road at you. We crept out of Brighton and headed off to Heritage, for those that know where they are the roads around there are great for hoonin. At last a chance to get into 3rd and 4th and mean it, oh bo**ox road works! A quick visit inside, parted with a little money as the club discount helped and back on the road for home for the two of us (Chris and I, keep up), We had already sorted out our route and Chris knew I would be continuing after he reached his junction. We hit the road again and after about 15 mls Chris went his way, I was on my own and as I was on a dual carriageway gave it some welly, at the first round about I came too the road narrowed to a newly surfaced smoooth road that I knew had some great bends on it, I joined it straight behind a bloomin tractor with trailer just to make sure no whooshing. Mutter mutter mutter friggin mutter, after what seems like an age of crawling along, it pulled over, no other invite needed. I had made my mind up that the moment I got a chance, I would empty my mirror of the line of traffic behind me as I was first inline after the tractor.

Yeehaaaaaaa mirror cleared, gone, a series of bends, the humped back bridge, several sweeping bends, S bends and Z bends really gave me a chance to play, it took me a while to catch up with anyone as the tractor had held us up for quite a bit of time. By the time I came up behind someone I was nearly on dual carriageway again. 15 mins later I was sat at the front at traffic lights, 3 lanes and I had sneaked in between a Rangerover and a Mitsubishi something, a few weeks ago I had fitted some cannons but just haven’t had a chance to give em a good airing till today, you know what’s coming don’t you, here I am, sat in me little buggy, level with wheel nuts, front row at t/lights, waiting, dry roads, tall buildings ahead either side of the one way system that I need to head down, about a dozen people crossing the roads, waiting for buses and shopping. Watching the opposite lights for a clue I snuck it into 1st, hand ready on the handbrake, having a good clue and being a local lad I knew the sequence that the lights would change. As the lights hit their sequence there was the ROAR, no wheel spin just traction, seeing this yellow/black dart, launch from between these huge behemoths, zap across the road, re-launch as I hit second gear and the bump as the roads cross, rattle the glass in the buildings, see jaws drop and heads spin as they try to focus eyes on the grinning idiot that has just scared the sh*t out of everyone in the oneway system including those in the busy pizza express on the corner, by the time I was stepping on the brake pedal I had glanced up to check the mirror to see that the cars that were either side of me had just about moved 10yds and I had covered about 100yds. After that little burst I took the rest of the journey very gingerly as it was almost on my doorstep and you don’t crap on that.

I’m waiting to hear from Jason and his new wife I’m sure he had a good time and we’ll catch-up when he gets back from honeymoon, as for me it was the first time it seems that I have been out this year for a fun run and it was BRILLL.

Thanks Tony and Chris