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SDBC Build a buggy at Volksworld

Back in 2011 buggers from across the country got together to build a Doon Buggy over the weekend.

Lets build a buggy in 2 days

This was and is always regarded as the season opener within the SDBC. But this time it had a twist.

023Inspired from the previous year when Heritage built a preassembled Beetle from scratch, I jokingly said to club member Flags during a drunken night at Swanage carnival we should build a buggy at Volksworld? He immediately responded and said you arrange it and I’ll do it.

That was then my challenge, after a few phone calls and fine planning. Flags was to be given his chance, he would also be the first thing all the public see when entering Volksworld Show at Sandown Park.  The planning continued and the club got support from the Midlands Buggy Club, Ollie and Crew from Bettlemagic to perform such a task. This was going to be great, as time wore on Flags desperately asking, begging and borrowing parts from everyone to be sure he was fully equipped with enough kit to complete the build over the 2 short days.

I also had the challenge of arranging a display of buggies on the main stand too. After much pondering by all the committee a decision was made to whose buggies will be showcased.203

The whole weekend was grey, wet and murky and all in all not very nice to be outside, but however we all soldiered through and the club stand area was made an enjoyable place by all the other clubs around and spirits were lifted when the doors opened and thousands of VW loving fans wandered by quizzing certain buggy owners “how did you do this and where did you get that”. The club stand mainly looked after by the WAGS of club members and poor Emma struggling on her crutches after breaking her foot, was always a buzzing area.  With crisps, sweets and cakes being shared about and the kettle constantly boiling thanks to Sophie for all the tea she made. The Buggies on show outside looked great, our thanks to the following members for bringing their buggies along for the weekend Carole, Pete (Fibrecraft), Mark (Rattitude), Matt (Pirate) and also thanks to Sally, Peter and Chris for parking their buggies outside the grounds for people to look at.202

Throughout the weekend SDBC members were checking on the build to make sure that the lads didn’t need any last minute bits and being Volksworld they were bound to find what they needed.

As the weekend drew to a close, the guys building the buggy neared completion but still had a few issues what quite simply wasn’t going to get finished as they should. However they were adamant everything will work for it to be driven. Ivan and his Volksworld team then started the awards whilst just outside all hands were helping finish the Buggy build. When all of a sudden the SDBC got announced as Best of Show Club Stand, I looked around and promptly went to claim the award even though the credit was down to Flags and his team, and a huge credit to the Midlands Buggy club, Ollie and Crew for their influence too.

The Result…

245Flags’ wife Karen had her buggy built and fine tuned over the following few weeks, the club got recognised for their efforts for building a buggy. This was the 4th time the SDBC had won best Club stand at Volksworld Show. And most importantly everyone had an enjoyable weekend.

We have been invited back to Volksworld this year, I’m just not quite sure how we can top last year’s performance, however please come along and say hi.243