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SDBC Summer Picnic 2013

SDBC Summer Picnic 2013

We returned to our old favourite the ‘Bentley wildfowl and motor museum’ again this year and for a change we were allocated a different camping field to the one we had used in the past. We were even promised some good weather and although it was dry it turned out to be quite breezy which doesn’t help when tackling tent erecting.  The first arrivers pitched up on the far side of the field thinking that it would be less windy but it was also quite a walk away from the toilet block, which was in the next field.  Being the caring kind hearted gentlemen that they are they considered that it may be too far for the ladies to have to walk for any night-time visits, and so they upped sticks and moved.  We ended up with all the tents in a row with their backs against the bushes.  In years gone by we tended to set up the tents in a rough sort of circle with a gathering area in the middle.  The field turned out to be perfect for screeching around in buggies and I even noticed the odd doughnut being performed.  Hayley drove Chris’ buggy around the field and has definitely got bitten by the buggy bug.

The adjacent field was taken by ‘The caravan club’ who were holding a historic re-enactment event with people wandering around in ancient costumes. We were pleasantly surprised to find that there was also a ‘May’ clog dancing group giving displays and one of the organisers and dancers was Liz who is one of our friendly organisers at the ‘Paddle Round the Pier’ festival at Brighton.

The Cruise

Gary Stimson led the cruise and took us to places that many of us had never been before, (Titter ye not!).  15 buggies took part with various people sharing and swapping passengers.

After a stop for petrol and bit of coughing and spluttering from Chris’s (Bulls Head) buggy we hit the Lewes tunnel.  The obligatory noise was made just to make our presence known (it is the law you know) and the cruise started on a noisy high.  Several buggies went on a detour after losing the rest of the convoy at a roundabout.  The main group went around Lewes scaring the locals and causing havoc and somehow we all managed to congregate again on the return journey for the ‘second coming’ of the Lewes tunnel.

We went on to Seaford and all parked up at the beachfront car park in an impressive display of buggy shapes and colours.  We wandered along to a coffee and burger stand on the beach.  Poor man, he was trying desperately to close and lock up his stall when 15 buggies full of people turned up wanting hot drinks.

After our comfort break and leg stretch 3 buggies left for their long journey home to Hertfordshire and Doon L001 left to go home in a different direction.

Andrew, Mark and Rob peeled off from the main group on a rummage for pub grub while the main pack headed back to the campsite for a barbeque, with a swift visit to the local Tesco for supplies.

Many good memories were created and many first-timers have sworn to join us again next year.

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The Show and Shine

The sunshine certainly brought out the buggies for the ‘Show & Shine’ event and 16 buggies lined up to be counted.  Tony (Twister) and Dom stayed at the campsite on guard with Dom’s trusty canine companions (many thanks both).

The prizes went to:

Best Retro Gary Stimson

Best Guest Graham (Poacher)

Best Interior Steve Walsh

In need of TLC Gordon (Roadrunner)

Best Original Idea Matt (Pirate)

Best Street Look Chris Allen (Bulls Head)